dash jin

Give nothing to a flower
and It will die sooner.
But give It sunlight and water
and It will give happiness to others.

If you are suffering today, that only means you'll be enjoying life tomorrow.

I love U-KISS, C.N. BLUE, BEAST and of course, SUPER JUNIOR :)



Madness http://wp.me/s2kqaR-madness

I must be insane
For liking someone
Who likes someone else

She’s perfect
He thinks so
I’m both their friend
Madness, it is
A sad love story
No words seem to rhyme
Oh! What a tragedy

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I heard footsteps outside my room. Then, the door opened. I saw mom. “Mom, I thought you left… http://wp.me/s2kqaR-300

I heard footsteps outside my room. Then, the door opened. I saw mom.
“Mom, I thought you left already?”
She smile at me but said nothing. She walked to my bed. She hugged and kissed me. Just before she stood up, she whispered,”I love you baby.” Then, she walked out of my room.When the door closed, my phone rang. It was my dad. He was crying while saying, “… your mom and I had an accident. I…

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Favorite Stranger


amazing :) simply amazing…

Originally posted on line between:

Never shall tears fill the emptiness
nor apparitions take your place

I am shut by the righteousness they dictate;
blinded by fears of I don’t know what.


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Her Smile

she forced a smile
pretended she’s not hurt
she looked at him
tried to make her smile real
she closed her eyes
prayed for him to disappear
she wished to escape
his presence is breaking her
tears ran down her eyes
she could hide it no more
she’s sick of…

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My Kind of Guy

My kind of guy
looks neat, snob
wears eyeglasses
seldom smiles.

My kind of guy
has few friends
few crazy friends.

My kind of guy
likes things
I don’t like
but does not hate
things I like.

My kind of guy
utters my name the sweetest
hugs me tight
treats me…

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This is Not a Love Poem

you say “I love you”
in your eyes I look into
I feel blue
for those words are not true

do not promise forever
do not create moments to remember
I will never be happier
knowing you love her

this love is complicated
a heart breaking story indeed
but tonight…

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Eli!!! shit.

Silence is intelligence. Arrogance is ignorance. http://wp.me/s2kqaR-291

Silence is intelligence. Arrogance is ignorance.

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You, Me and Her

it’s magical, I think
after all these years
my heart flutters at the sight of you
urge too strong to hold you tight
my love is forbidden, I know
there won’t be me and you
but in my dreams
I let myself drown
only for a while
because reality is in front of me

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Night Life

when the sun sets
we get ready
for an exciting life
awaits for us

when darkness comes
worries are gone
loud music sets the mood
it’s time to rock the world

hang out with friends
end the night with strangers
forget tomorrow
enjoy what night offers

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